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Monthly Mindfulness Clinics @ Dupont Circle Yoga - Jan 14th, Feb 18th


Monthly Mindfulness Clinic @ Dupont Circle Yoga -

Whether you’re brand new to meditation or an experienced yogi looking to expand your practice, the Monthly Mindfulness Clinic will teach you pragmatic techniques for deep meditation and explore practical ways to integrate more awareness into your daily life. Each month we will explore a different subject directly related to mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy.

Winter/Spring 2018 Calendar (All Sessions 3-5pm):

January 14th - Introduction to Vipassana (Insight) Meditation Practice
February 18th- Introduction to Samatha (Concentration) Meditation Practice

Students are welcome to drop-in to any individual session, but encouraged to take all four to get a well-rounded introduction to a wide range of meditation skills. 

$25 - Individual Session $80 - All Four Sessions