Bring Your Yoga to Work

An experienced approach to offering yoga in your workplace.


Onsite Corporate Yoga

Business can get crazy. No matter what your field, there's always a new deadline, a new client, a new sales goal. Sometimes by the end of the day you can't even focus, or maybe you just feel completely burnt out. What if there were a way for you and your coworkers to revitalize without ever having to leave the office? By offering regular yoga classes at your facility you will be giving your employees an activity that is not only fun, but one that can vastly improve their health and mental well-being. 


The benefits of offering regular yoga in the workplace:

Increased productivity and lowered stress - research has shown that offering yoga at the workplace is an effective way to reduce stress for your employees. Over time this can help to lower absenteeism as well as healthcare costs. 

Relief from long hours spent at desks and other repetitive tasks - yoga gets you out of your head and into your body. There are great physical benefits to the long stretches and deep breathing, such as decreased back pain and headaches. 

A great addition to your benefits package - in order to attract top talent in your field, you need to offer great incentives to work at your business. Weekly or biweekly yoga is just one more perk to working at your cutting-edge business.

Mindfulness Training
Alongside a physical yoga program, many companies benefit by having a program specifically dedicated to mindfulness. These simple, but powerful techniques are based on Buddhist meditation and can provide a wonderful addition to any wellness program. These can be offered either as a standalone workshop, or as a regular ongoing course. 

Classes are performed on-site, typically either during lunch hours or at the end of the day, making it easy to attend with minimal disruption to your regular workday.

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