Private Yoga & Meditation Instruction

Why Invest in Private Yoga?

Imagine your perfect yoga class. What would it be like? What if you could set the exact time and didn't have to worry about rushing to make a specific class? Imagine the teacher working at your exact level and pace, and directly addressing all of YOUR individual goals. Afterwards you leave feeling feel refreshed, and recharged - ready to face whatever challenges your busy life holds for you. That is the experience of Private Yoga.

Here are just the few advantages of taking private yoga classes with Rob Phillips.

  • True All-Levels Instruction - whether you are a complete beginner, injured or a seasoned veteran, classes will progress as you progress. You will always be challenged, but never overwhelmed.
  • Work at your own pace - slowly explore postures or move through a quick sweaty flow.
  • Set your own schedule - no more rushing to get to class before or after work!
  • Receive complete individual attention to address your specific fitness goals - perfect for those with injuries or other physical limitations or those simply looking to take their current practice to the next level.

What You'll Study

Instruction is always specifically tailored to the students individual needs and interests. Rob has a background in Vinaysa & Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, as well as Mindfulness Meditation. Whether you want to leave your session feeling pumped up and sweaty, calm and introspective, or even both, private instruction can help you to get there.

Rob offers flexible scheduling, as well as discount packages for multiple sessions. Schedule your free consultation, and get the right solution for you!