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Sayonara Boston!


Saying goodbye is never easy, but especially so when people and places have been part of your life for a long long time.

So it is with a bittersweet sentiment that I am letting my community know that after 13 years of residence and almost 9 years of teaching, I will be leaving the Boston area for good. My last class will be a Simply Yoga on July 24th.

But as is the case with every ending, this also marks the beginning of a new phase! My beautiful wife Carrie has accepted a job offer down in D.C.. As such, I will be rebuilding my teaching schedule with new classes and workshops over the next few months. Stay tuned her for updates!

And for my students still living in the Boston area, don't fret. I'm already talking with the owners of studios that I've taught at and I will be returning periodically for workshops and other events.

I hope to see you on the mat soon...wherever that may be!