Yoga Class Descriptions

Rob's Yoga Classes Unpacked


alignment flow

Graceful precision. You'll follow the rhythm of your breath as you transition seamlessly from pose to pose. But postures are typically held longer to allow you to truly focus on the finer alignment points. These longer holds will develop stamina and core strength, and a prime opportunity to focus on your breathing. Also expect some inversions, arm balances, and other deep poses to add challenge your practice.


yin yoga

Slowwwwww dowwwwwn. In this class we use holds of 3-5 minutes to access the deepest tissues of the body. There is no rushing physically or mentally. You'll be encouraged to pay attention to each moment, and work gradually through each pose. Since the technical practice is quite simple, this opens up a chance to practice mindfulness and learn the principles of meditation. Learn more about Yin Yoga in this blog post.



Not just for beginners - this class is all about mastering the basics. The overall pace is a bit slower, but you'll still be working hard and building strength. Poses are explained in great detail and with simpler transitions so that you can learn the fundamentals of core yoga asanas. If you're brand new to yoga or recovering from an injury, this is a great place to start. But even if you're a seasoned practitioner this will help you to see familiar poses with a new depth that you may have missed out on in an All-Levels class.


vinyasa flow

Fluid movements synchronized with deep breath. Learn to connect with the rhythm of your body with power and focus. This is generally the most athletically  vigorous of Rob's classes. Be prepared to sweat and work hard, through lots of planks, chaturangas, and updogs, while still leaving some time to cool down near the end of your practice. These classes are challenging for both the mind and body. 


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